Deep Diving


    Columbia Reef Cozumel, Mexico

    This is a great dive for photographers wanting maximum bottom time. Good second dive also.
    Clown Fish

    Coral Garden Dahab, Egypt

    Beautiful coral garden.
    coral garden

    Coral Garden North Male Atoll, Maldives

    Also known as "blue lagoon". Long reef on the south side of Thaburudhoo Kandu with plenty options for the diving. Grey reef sharks on the outside and great coral garden on the inside with max 18 meters with lots of reef fishes. Nice and easy dive.

    Coral gardens Pulau Sipadan, Malaysia

    Great living corals and marine life.

    Coraya Beach Housereef North Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Coraya Beach Housereef South Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Cordona Reef Cozumel, Mexico

    Cozumel plane wreck Cozumel, Mexico

    Plane wreck dive off of Cozumel.located in front of the EL CID hotel (formerly La Cebia )Good place for check out dive

    Critter Circus Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Sandy area with coral blocks and artificial structures. This is a very rich marine life including squids, Mandarin dragonets, Black Harlequin ghostfishes, etc.

    Cumber's Caves Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

    Dahara Marsa Alam, Egypt

    Dahrat Abid North Sudan, Sudan

    There is the rest of a wooden fishing boat on the northen side. The southern part is full of soft corals.

    Dahrat Ghab Suakin Islands, Sudan

    The southern tip offers a great dive site: Superb living corals, sharks and mantas!

    Dalton Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    School of Hammerhead Sharks

    Darwin's Arch Galapagos, Ecuador

    The Darwin's Arch on the south east corner of Darwin Island is the best dive site in the Galapagos Islands. The site is a great place to see Whale Sharks, Hammerhead, silky, galapagos and black tip reef sharks, turtles, rays and other large pelagics.

    Dean's Blue Hole Abaco, Bahamas

    This is the world's deepest blue hole at 663' and is situated in a scenic location on an attractive and reef-protected cove with a white sand beach.The blue hole is immediately off the beach and half surrounded by overgrown beachrock cliffs.It is the location of the establishment of a new world's…

    Devil's Grotto Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

    Dhiffushi Beru South Ari Atoll, Maldives

    Outside of Dhiffushi Island

    Disneyland Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

    Diver's Alley Hurghada, Egypt

    Down at 40 meters there is a protrusion of the reef with an opening about 10 meters long that you can swim through. The top of this "cave" is at 40m, and it goes down to 49m. After going through, it's a nice swim along the reef.Also good for drift diving as the currents can be strong here.

    Doc Poulson Wreck Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

    The Doc Poulson was sunk in 1981 and now is covered in great coral growth. Schools of fish, groupers, and eels are near her as she rests on the relatively empty sandy bottom.The reef is a better dive than the wreck :)

    Domina Coral Bay reef Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    Plenty to see at this dive site, and the staff will take all your kit to the pontoon.

    Donna's Delight Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

    Eagle Ray Pass Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

    Good place to see pelagics.

    Eagle Ray Roundup Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

    Eden Rock Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


    Eel Canyon Aqaba, Jordan

    El Aruk - Aruk Diana Hurghada, Egypt


    El Aruk - Aruk Makroom Hurghada, Egypt

    El Aruk is a shallow dive with app. 10m-15m. Lots of smaller ergs need good navigation not to loose orientation in between them. Watch your compass and take care of the sometimes quiet strong current. The sandy bottom is the home of a lot of sweet lips and blue spotted stingrays. Hidden in the erg…

    El Aruk - Aruk Gigi Hurghada, Egypt

    A cluster of a seven ergs laying in 10m - 15m of water. The whole area is home to sweetlips under the ledges, blue spotted sting rays in the sandy patches and glassfish and anthia fish swarm on the erg wall. One erg to note is the split erg, which has a grotto through it filled with glassfish,…

    El Shugarat Dahab, Egypt

    Ellaidhoo house reef North Ari Atoll, Maldives

    This is probably one of the best and more convenient house reefs in the whole Maldives. Right on the south of Ellaidhoo you can jump from the jetty or from the beach and there is a 750m long wall dive full of caves, cavities, seafans, hard and soft coral, sponges and lots of life. The sandy bottom…

    Abu Ramada Hurghada, Egypt

    Plateau with 3 pinacles covered in soft coral and small orange fish. Deeper small caves and moray eels. Black tipped reef sharks and barracudas can curuise by.Less dived because it can have very strong current. Good drift dive along the steep eastern wall, with big fan corals, overhangs and swim…

    Erg Somaya Hurghada, Egypt

    One of the nicest drifts in Hurghada. Beautiful hard coral and one of the best places to spot sharks and Napoleon fish in Hurghada.The current can be anything from mild to horrible, so this is not a site for beginners. Good for the rest of us, though, as you seldom find more than one or two groups…

    Eriyadu North Male Atoll, Maldives

    Fiasco Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    Fiddle Garden Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt

    A good alternative to far garden when it's crowded.

    First Bay Aqaba, Jordan

    Fukui Point Pulau Bunaken, Indonesia

    Slope completely covered with foliose and branching hard corals. You can also find many giant barrel sponges and giant clams. Here there are many schooling fishes like spadefish, black snappers, black fin barracuda, trevally, sweet lips, large trigger fishes and garden eels on the bottom. Some claim…

    Gabr el Bint Dahab, Egypt

    Gabr El Bint means the "Tomb of the girl" and it is the southern dive site of Dahab. Part of the attraction of this site is the novelty of the commute- by camel loaded down with high-tech diving gear along the inaccessible coastline between Dahab and Nabeq. The first dive is done to the north of a…